Who Cares?



The following video-based training modules have been developed with funding from the Equality and Human Rights Commission to create a better understanding among those working in health and social care of the human rights of people with various disabilities.

Everyone who commissions or provides regulated health and social care services that are publicly arranged and/or funded is legally bound to comply with the Human Rights Act 1998. This means that these organisations must act in ways which respect and protect the human rights of service users, such as the right to life or the right to private and family life. Because of their disabilities, disabled people may be in particularly vulnerable positions or be less able to assert their rights.

For this reason, the filmed training modules focus on highlighting some of the issues which could arise and how staff can ensure disabled people’s rights are protected.

Target audience

The modules are aimed at frontline health and social care staff but may also benefit anyone working with disabled people in a paid or unpaid capacity.

It is expected that staff will usually complete the modules alone. However the learning can also be carried out in groups and used to encourage discussion about how to improve health and social care, by involving all levels of staff. Group working would be beneficial for those staff who are unable to use a computer.



The films represent people with learning disabilities or mental health problems, their family members or those with care responsibilities in the health and social care sector. They are based on real life scenarios. To ensure anonymity, false names and actors (some of whom are past or current service users) are used. The case studies demonstrate the importance of getting the right care, and the impact that health and social care services can have on individuals when they are not treated with dignity and respect.



How to use the resources

  • Click on the Register menu item at the top. You will be asked to register as a new user
  • Once you have registered and have logged in, watch the first filmed case study
  • Then move on to a series of challenging multiple-choice questions about the human rights that are relevant, and what a member of staff should address
  • Wrong answers must be resubmitted. Participants cannot move on to next film scenario until they have full marks
  • If anyone struggles with the test, then after three attempts on each question the answer will be given
  • After completing the test you will receive a report and a certificate
  • It will be possible for managers to ask to see the certificate

For further suggested reading about human rights please click on the “Further Reading” button at the top of the page.